Addressing inequality through EU Development Cooperation – response to the 2030 Agenda

June 28, 2017Company News

In collaboration with IRD-DIAL of France, Fiscus were commissioned by EU Devco to undertake a study to reinforce DEVCO’s effort to address economic and social inequalities, by providing guidance on how to refine DEVCO strategies and programmes so as to increase their ‘equality-sensitiveness’. This included a) The definition of a conceptual and measurement framework; b) The assessment of how the inequality dimension is integrated in EC development cooperation; and c) The identification of gaps and formulation of recommendations on how DEVCO could strengthen its approach to address inequality.

Preliminary outputs from the study were discussed in Brussels on the 13th & 14th of June with DEVCO and interested Member States. A research facility to support further work on strategies to combat inequality was also presented by the Agence Français pour le Dévelopment (AFD).IMG_5965 2 IMG_5967 IMG_5975 2

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