Doing Development Differently (DDD)

November 23, 2016Company News

Andrew participated in the Doing Development Differently conference at ODI. Two years on from the Harvard event of November 2015, the conference aimed to take stock of how much had changed.

How far had those working in development learned to do things differently? To focus on real problems, to adapt context and to learn rather than imposing external solutions. Many stakeholders were testing new approaches – notably Matt Andrews and the Harvard team with PDIA.

The broad consensus – as summarised by Marta Foresti of ODI – was cautiously positive and Donors were adapting approaches to make this easier but results remained uncertain and there was still much work to be done. Although the commitment and the hope were still there two years on.

Let’s continue doing development differently.img-20161122-wa0000 img-20161122-wa0001 img-20161122-wa0002

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