2016 PEFA Training

We will be running courses on the PEFA Methodology for more information please click here.

Fiscus Course Videos:

Fiscus created videos from the two courses that we provided (Taking PEFA to New Heights & Making PFM Deliver). Please press the link to watch the videos.


‘Taking PEFA to New Heights Training Course’ September 2015:

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UK Department for International Development PFM Pack:

Fiscus were commissioned by the UK Department for International Development to prepare this pack. It comprises a short blog, two videos and a selection of downloadable readings, designed to address the question: “What is PFM ? Why is it important and how best to reform it?”. Readers are encouraged to download the materials to use them for their own study or for training and dissemination. Enjoy!

GSDRC Blog link:


Youtube video links:



Evaluation of Budget Support Programmes in Paraguay

11279956_10155733494690217_1911107744_n 11421607_10155733494970217_1167615919_n image1 IMG_0200 IMG_0198 image2 Evaluation of Budget Support Programmes in Paraguay.

Andrew Lawson Presentation: Joint Evaluation of Budget Support to Tanzania


Support to the Sub National Open Budget Survey (SNOBS):

Fiscus are supporting the International Budget Partnership on developing a survey tool to assess Budget Transparency at Sub-National level. See the presentation at the Urban Institute, Washington D.C

View Presentation


DFID – Training Course on Managing PFM Reforms: November 2012

Fiscus delivered a 3 day course on Management of PFM Reforms and the Design of External Support to such Reforms. Course run at DFID London office at Palace Street for a selection of DFID staff from regional head offices worldwide

DFID PFM Reform Mgt materials preparation_v.1

Managing PFM Reforms

PEFA in ACTION Course – Oriel College, Oxford, UK 03-04, September 2012

Training for CREFIAF in Development of Proposals for Capacity Building – Congo, Brazzaville 20-21, July 2012

Indonesia – Subnational budget transparency survey methodology, April 2012

Indonesia (3) Indonesia (5) Indonesia (6) Indonesia (7) Indonesia (4)

Institut Forhom, France – Training on Negotiation & Management of General and Sector Budget Support, November 2011

Institut Forhom, La Rochelle France, Nov 2011  (3)

Nicaragua – Support to the Development of a National Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) Phase II, 2010-2012: Nicaraguan Study Tour, England, July 2011

Nicaragua Study Tour June 2011 (4) Nicaragua Study Tour June 2011 (9) Nicaragua Study Tour June 2011 (14) Nicaragua Study Tour June 2011 (18) Nicaragua Study Tour June 2011 (23)


Fiscus led the Evaluation of Budget Support to Mali in 2010, and have undertaken training for the staff of the new government.

ODI - Mali (3) ODI - Mali (4) ODI - Mali (5) ODI - ODI - Mali (1) ODI - ODI - Mali (2)

Asian Development Bank – Establishing a Regional Knowledge Sharing Platform on Revenue Management in Resource Rich Countries, April 2011 Prudent Budget Management with Natural Resource Revenues: Discussion Paper


Malawi – Joint Learning Event on Sector Wide Approach. Phase I (2009) and II (2010)



TITLE: Has the new thinking on policy conditionality influenced the practice? The nature of conditionality in the Ghana and Tanzania General Budget Support arrangements.




TITLE: The OECD-DAC Evaluation Framework for General Budget Support: what has it told us about impact?


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