Fiscus evaluate TA support to the Fight against Drugs in Peru

May 30, 2017Company News

Fiscus have been contracted by the EU to assess the contribution of a Euro 6 million TA programme to the strengthening of drug enforcement processes in Peru. This institutional development project supports the Judiciary, Police and Security forces by strengthening their surveillance, investigation and prosecution capabilities, drawing upon lessons from the European drug enforcement experience over last decade. It is managed by a consortium of public agencies led by FIIAPP (Spain) that include the French Ministry of the Interior, the German Bundeskriminalamt, the British National Crime Agency, and the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice. Gonzalo Alvarez will lead the project, working together with Luis Sanchez of Eptisa.marca_peru_en_madison_square_ano_nuevo palacio-2 SOBPERU_GOBIER_013773

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