Peru – Evaluation of Budget Support… field work completed

April 12, 2017Company News

The Fiscus team have now completed field work for the evaluation of Budget Support in Peru and a draft report has been presented to the Management Group. Fiscus in collaboration with consortium partners Particip have been commissioned by the Government of Peru, the European Union (DEVCO) and the Belgian Technical Cooperation to evaluate 4 sector budget support programmes, financed by these agencies in the areas of nutrition, maternal and neonatal health, the fight against drugs and trade in bio-products. The team are applying the OECD-DAC methodology and expect to present final conclusions and recommendations in May, following receipt of comments on the draft report.IMG-20170411-WA0013 IMG-20170411-WA0014 IMG-20170411-WA0015 IMG-20170411-WA0016 IMG-20170411-WA0017 IMG-20170411-WA0018

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