IBP – Support to the development of tools for analysing Budget transparency at Sub-National Level


Thematic Area:Budget Support

Country:Brazil, Tanzania, Indonesia

Duration:2012 - Completed

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Project Overview

Fiscus were commissioned by the International Budget Partnership (IBP) to work in close collaboration with CSOs in 3 pilot countries (Brazil, Indonesia and Tanzania) and with staff of IBP, in order to design a toolkit for the implementation of a Sub-National Open Budget Survey.

Following a preliminary study by IBP of 10 countries aimed at assessing the demand for transparency analyses at subnational level and the feasibility of undertaking such analysis, Fiscus were contacted to design an adapted survey to assess transparency at subnational level and to oversee a pilot implementation of the survey in three countries: Brazil, Tanzania and Indonesia.

The design of this Sub-National survey has drawn on the findings of the preliminary study and on the experience of four rounds (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012) of the national-level Open Budget Survey (OBS), as well as on the insights of the three CSOs engaged in the piloting process.




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