UNICEF: Analysis of Expenditure on Primary Education


Thematic Area:Economic Analysis


Duration:July - Nov 2015

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Project Overview

For the first time an estimation of total public spending in Primary Education has been prepared in Kosovo, in terms of results, Kosovo has almost reached the target of universal primary education.

However, in terms of quality of learning, the results of the 5th grade assessment suggest a low average, Moreover, Kosovo still suffers important disparities between ethnic minorities.

The challenge for Kosovo is how to improve quality and address the needs of disadvantaged groups, while maintaining universal access to primary education.


Three sets of changes will need to be made:

  • Firstly, public spending per pupil must increase
  • Secondly, the balance of spending must shift towards non-salary recurrent expenditures
  • Thirdly, new spending programmes will need to be initiated


KosovoEconomic Analysis

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