Andrew Lawson

Andrew Lawson is the co-founder and Technical Director of Fiscus Limited and was until July 2007, the Director of the Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure (CAPE) at the Overseas Development Institute, London.  He is a qualified economist, with an extensive experience of the design and implementation of PFM reforms, of PFM diagnostics and of complex evaluation work, including the management of multi-disciplinary teams and multi-country studies. He has led a number of major evaluations, and has established a reputation for a rigorous and insightful evaluation approach, with a strong emphasis on follow-up actions, through honest and open communication with stakeholders during the evaluation process, careful development of recommendations, and clear presentation of final results and proposed next steps. He has also led several PEFA assessments as well as analyses of public expenditure in education, health, agriculture, and the environment.

Andrew has specialised in the design and evaluation of budget support and financial aid instruments. He was co-author (with David Booth) of the OECD-DAC framework for the evaluation of General Budget Support (2004) and subsequently applied it in evaluations of the Tanzania PRBS (2004–05) and the Ghana MDBS (2006–07). With Enzo Caputo and Martin van der Linde, he updated the OECD-DAC framework in 2008 and has applied the new OECD-DAC framework as leader of multi-donor evaluations of Budget Support in Mali (2011), Tanzania (2012-13), Mozambique (2013-14), Sierra Leone (2015) and Paraguay (2015). He was also senior adviser on a meta-evaluation of EU macro-financial assistance to Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries.

Andrew is a strong communicator with a wide experience in training, capacity development and senior level advice to strategic management. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, and has undertaken consultancy and training assignments in each of these languages.

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