Fermina Lawson

Fermina Lawson is a co-founder of Fiscus Limited a Management Consultancy company based in Oxford, UK and is currently the Managing Director of Fiscus. She is a trained Sociologist and Anthropologist and has been responsible of the Finance and Administrative side of the company since its inception.

Fermina was born in Equatorial Guinea and moved to Europe permanently in 1990. She first lived in Madrid and then moved to Oxford in August 1992 after getting married. In 1993, she and her family moved to Tanzania for 2 and half years. During this time Fermina joined the Dogo Dogo Street Children charity group in Dar-es-Salaam. She worked with the teams helping with raising funds, identifying vulnerable children. Before devoting her time fully to Fiscus, Fermina had a small handmade jewelry company called Mifou. She designed and made customised jewelry with silver and natural beads sourced around the world.

Fermina has over 20 years experience in Africa and Europe of project administration, including work in the private and NGO sectors and for the Government of Equatorial Guinea, USAID and the Spanish Cooperation Agency. This experience as well as her language skills, have been invaluable in the growth of Fiscus, and in the development of the excellent relationships it has with its partners, clients and collaborators. She speaks Spanish (mother tongue), English, French and conversational Ki-Swahili.

Fermina obtained a Certificate of Human Resources Practice in 2011-12 and continues to do short online training courses to learn how to improve further her knowledge in the management of people and lead the company forward.

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