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What we do…

Our primary points of focus are the public administrations and public policy processes of developing and transition countries. Specialist areas and links to projects are listed below:

Public Finance Management

Diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses of Public Expenditure Allocations and PFM systems, including public expenditure reviews and application of PEFA methodology. Reform of systems / procedures for public finance management, including use of output focus budget systems, MTEFs, and improved financial management systems.

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Evaluation and Design of Budget Support

Evaluation of aid policies and delivery mechanisms, with emphasis on choice of aid modalities and on design, management and evaluation of General and Sector Budget Support. Assessment and design of joint assessment frameworks for multi-donor budget support operations.

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Economic Analysis

Economic and financial analysis of sectoral policies, with emphasis on agriculture, the environment, education and health. Macroeconomic assessments and forecasting, including specialisation in economic statistics and indicators (GDP and commodity prices).

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Capacity Development & Training

Support to the development of analytical and management capacities within governments, development agencies and regional & international institutes. This generally involves support to assessment of systems and processes and design of reforms and change management processes, always adopting participatory approaches aimed at empowering organisations to understand and resolve their own problems. Fiscus has also provided a range of training services linked to capacity development objectives.

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